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What’s Your Word?

So I recently purchased a bracelet in which the company who manufactures the bracelet (MyIntent) challenges the consumer to choose their “word.” This got me thinking, “What is my word? What words do others choose and why?”

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Don’t Just Survive, Thrive.

The first day of PT school came and went in a flash. Wake up, eat, school, eat again, study, forget to eat, sleep, and repeat. Continue reading “Don’t Just Survive, Thrive.”

5 Questions with Dr. Ryan Balmes, PTAG President Elect


“You have to take on a perpetual learning mindset. With this mindset nothing is ever painstakingly difficult or defeating, because I perceive every challenge as a potential learning opportunity to grow.”

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Because who doesn’t love some caffeine?

Check out this article by Mark Riggins, a first year DPT student at Mercer University.

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