Social media has become a popular avenue through which physical therapists and physical therapy students communicate and share information. Georgia State DPT student Ravi Patel compiled a list of podcasts, blogs, and other resources that cover topics from NPTE board exam prep and private practice to pain sciences and PT-friendly apps. We asked Ravi a few questions about his career goals and how he stays involved as a PT student.

SPTN: What opportunities have you been involved with during PT school?

Ravi: I’m fortunate to be a part of the leadership team at Georgia State University and serve as the PTAG SSIG student representative. This position allows me to connect PTAG and GSU with current events and information as well as gives me the opportunity to host PT Pub Nights, service opportunities, and network with students and professionals within the local community.

SPTN: What setting are you hoping to work in?

Ravi: Sports physical therapy.

SPTN: What are your plans for after graduation?

Ravi: This is something I try not to get to caught up on and will use the next year of clinicals to really narrow in my focus. I have hopes to complete a sports residency with Duke University and work in the field of collegiate and professional sports. I’ve always been drawn to emergency medicine and look to expand my knowledge in this area. Down the road, I have plans to open up a private cash-based practice catering to athletes of all ages. I believe everyone has athletic potential, regardless of background. My goal is to help empower and come along side these individuals to help them move well and without pain in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

SPTN: What was your background prior to PT school?

Ravi: I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2014 with a bachelors degree in Exercise and Sport Science. Right after graduation, I took a year off to complete an internship as an Intern Strength and Conditioning Coach with UGA’s Athletic Association. I had the opportunity to work with very high level athletes, while going through a mentorship program. This led me to take my CSCS and USAW-L1 in hopes to improve my knowledge base in the sports realm and aid in coaching athletes. As a former athlete, I’ve always had an interest in human movement. My choice to pursue physical therapy has given me this outlet to aid individuals who battle daily with injuries and pain.

You can follow Ravi on Instagram at @ravipatel_pt or on Twitter at @RaviPatel_PT.

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