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What’s Your Word?

So I recently purchased a bracelet in which the company who manufactures the bracelet (MyIntent) challenges the consumer to choose their “word.” This got me thinking, “What is my word? What words do others choose and why?”

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Addressing health literacy in physical therapy: tips for shaping your clinical practice

The healthcare field is fond of paperwork, reading material, and complex information. Any trip to a healthcare provider typically begins with stacks of forms requiring completion before a patient can be seen by a clinician. Post-surgical information and home exercise plans are often given in written formats. Managing a medical condition often involves medical terminology and the ability to understand complex concepts related to anatomy and physiology. And in order to have low or no copay for appointments, more paperwork is required to search insurance marketplaces and complete enrollment in insurance coverage. What are the consequences if a patient does not have the education level to adequately manage his or her condition or the healthcare system, and what role do we have in alleviating this concern? Continue reading “Addressing health literacy in physical therapy: tips for shaping your clinical practice”

The Ultimate Guide to Online Physical Therapy Resources and Social Media


Social media has become a popular avenue through which physical therapists and physical therapy students communicate and share information. Georgia State DPT student Ravi Patel compiled a list of podcasts, blogs, and other resources that cover topics from NPTE board exam prep and private practice to pain sciences and PT-friendly apps. We asked Ravi a few questions about his career goals and how he stays involved as a PT student.

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Medical Mission Q & A

In December, students from multiple physical therapy programs in Georgia traveled to Peru to participate in a medical mission trip through Medical Campus Outreach. Two students from the University of North Georgia–Josh Stroud (2nd year) and Drew Jones (1st year)—sat down with the Student Physical Therapy Network to discuss how the trip helped shape their future physical therapy practice and what they learned from the experience. Continue reading “Medical Mission Q & A”

Now what?

It has been a month since CSM 2017 and you’ve more than likely started to get back into the routine of things…  Continue reading “Now what?”

Advocacy is for everyone

When I first began PT school last fall, I was overwhelmed by the vast number of opportunities available for student involvement at the state and national levels. I had no idea which section of the APTA to join when I first became a member, which conferences I should attend, or which leadership opportunities to pursue. When I saw students at conferences who seemed so familiar with APTA and PTAG opportunities, I wondered how they had chosen to get involved in their respective activities. Continue reading “Advocacy is for everyone”

Elections are coming up and you should run!!!

With elections coming up for the PTAG Student Physical Therapy Network we wanted to reach out to you and let you know why you should run. If you have any questions about specific positions feel free to contact us personally. Below you will find the link to apply for a leadership position.

Submit application for leadership position here.

Networking Advice for CSM 2017 with Amy Arundale

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What matters most…Putting the CARE back in healthcare

“Patients need to know how much you care before they care how much you know”

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Q & A with The Prehab Guys

“The statistics show that 7% of individuals with back pain end up going to see their physical therapist. Instead of trying to increase the amount of those 7% you can get into your clinic, the challenge becomes how do we increase the percentage of the population that even goes to PT in the first place. How do we do this you ask? It comes down to EDUCATING THE PUBLIC.” 

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